Super Colossal Contributor- Big Daddy Biscuits- 200 Samples!

Big Daddy Biscuits are made with natural and organic ingredients in Atlanta, Georgia. Each biscuit is hand-stamped, baked, and packaged by Big Mama and her small team of local bakers. Whenever possible, Big Daddy Biscuits use locally-sourced ingredients.

At Big Daddy Biscuits, we believe that pets are people too! Doesn’t your fur kid deserve high quality, locally-made treats? Our biscuits support the local economy and never contain processed ingredients.
I am thrilled to bits about our Super Colossal Contributor Lauren & Big Daddy the rescued pup that inspired Big Daddy Biscuits. She is sending in 200 samples so everybody will be able to have their pooch be able to have a taste test! If you are not a dog owner I’m sure you can find a 4 legged friend 🙂

bigdaddy logowithblackbordertm


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