October Indie Craft Sampler Contributor & Sneak Peek: Brandi Fitzgerald

IMG_6068-1 Brandi Fitzgerald contributed 75 5″ x 7″ of her art prints.








10 Questions With… Amy Blue Illustration

AmyBlue1Every week we have a fun “10 questions” session with some of our contributors to the Indie Craft Sampler. Some serious, but mostly fun questions. Our second installment for our October Sampler Contributors is with Amy from Amy Blue Illustration (to read our other 10 question interviews click here).

1. When did you figure out you could draw really well? When did you realize you could make money drawing? 
It’s such a gradual thing. Like most people, I started drawing as a child only difference is, I didn’t stop. And it takes time to develop skills. I look back on my drawings from my early twenties and I want to burn them you know, but at the time, I thought they were good. It’s such a process. I like what I’m working on now but in 10 years I’ll hate it. I just knew from an early age that I wanted to live an artists’ life. What a fool!

2. What is the hardest part of being a crafty small business owner? 
Tax time!
Sometimes it’s really hard to ground yourself and pause the creative side to do all the niggely things like business expenses and  emails and updating all the sites and shops. I need to hire someone to do all that for me!


3. How/where do you get ideas for new shop items?
My inspirations comes from what people around me are doing. My main purpose is the concept behind Art as Function. People love functionality within art. I’m constantly trying to find ways for people to use my illustrations in their everyday life. I’m in the process of trying to create some paper wallets with my illustrations printed on them.


4. You have taken part in a lot of cool projects- what one sticks out as your absolute favorite? 
I’ve been working with a great company called Urban Walkabout, who create maps to help you explore your city more. They’re great because they work for tourists and locals and you discover great shops, cafes and bars offering exciting ways to entertain.
They have recently set up shop over in London and I was lucky enough to be asked to illustrate the covers for the different districts. It’s been great researching all the London boroughs as I was born in the UK and spent my childhood in lots of the areas I drew portraits for.


5. You live in Sydney Australia, what are some things that you love about where you live?
I love riding my bike! I used to live in Melbourne, which is a 10 hr drive south of Sydney and is a city known for it’s bike culture. Sydney has finally integrated secret bike paths to find, to get you around.
And the beaches. They’re idyllic. Even if you’ve lived here your whole life, you still find secret rock pools and small private beach nooks, off deserted trails. It’s so great.Amy Blue Illustration


6. What is the absolute worst song to get stuck in your head? Anything by Katy Perry.


7. What are three things that are on your bucket list?
I really want to eat at the Seinfeld diner. And one thing I crossed off recently, was going to the movies to see one film and then sneaking in to another film straight afterwards.
2 for the price of 1. Exhilarating!

8. You like to draw celebrities, who are some celebrities you can’t stand & will never EVER draw?
Woody Allen. And people request him all the time too.

And I never thought I would draw Justin Beiber but he just fitted so well into my Top Ten Pseudo Intellectual list!

9. What was your most embarrassing fashion moment?

Well, I’ve had a few in the early noughts with the bootleg(?) fabric pants paired with an equally unflattering belly top. But one embarrassing fashion-esque moment that comes to mind is from when I studied fashion design when I was about 19. It was one of the first classes and we had to go round and introduce ourselves  and I said I amyblueillustration_logochoose to do fashion design because ‘I have a passion for fashion’. Awful! Needless to say, I only studied it for 6 months. It just wasn’t my area!!

10. Why should people visit your shop?

Because its a neon celebrity party!! And because you’ll find hand made, functional and pop culture fuelled illustrated treasures!

Amy contributed 75 varied items from her “Ten Up” collections including list books, sticker packs, acrylic pins, and zines.
So if you have not purchased your October sampler yet buy one now.

See all of Amy’s work here.

October Indie Craft Sampler Contributor & Sneak Peek: The Little Talks

IMG_6066-1TheLittleTalks.com is one of our Canadian contributors who contributed 25 sample packs of her Kaleidoscope Print and Salut Flatcard. The print is 4×4 and features a print of the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia, Canada, while the Salut Flatcard is 4×6 and comes with a kraft envelope. It features an image from Buffalo, New York, USA.



I also love that each envelope is especially numbered for the Sampler! Too cool!IMG_6067