10 Questions with… Laci from LaciSavelleDesigns

Every week we have a fun “10 questions” session with some of our contributors to the Indie Craft Sampler. Some serious, but mostly fun questions. Our third installment for the November Sampler Contributors is with Laci from LaciSavelleDesigns.

 1. How did you get interested in sewing? My Great Aunt used to sew and I looked up to her lot, so she sparked my interest. When my Aunt (not my Great aunt, a different relative entirely) made a Sailor Moon Costume for me, i made the decision to start sewing

2. How/where do you get ideas for new shop items? I mostly come up with ideas myself, but I do surf social media sights to get an idea of what kind of things are trending.

3. Best advice another crafty/indie shop owner has given you? Or something you’ve learned? Do you have any advice for others?  Something that I have learned is you have to make a commitment to your craft, or you will not go anywhere with it. Jump in with two feet and make the commitment to really putting time into your work if you want to see results.

4. What is your favorite design style of fabrics you use? I really love geometric prints and anything that looks vintage.

5. Put your iPod on shuffle… what are the first 5 songs?  1) She Knows – Ne-Yo Ft Juicy J.  2) One Week – Barenaked Ladies 3) Too Late for Love – Def Leppard 4) Armageddon It – Def Leppard 5) Another One – Slice 9

6. Do you have any unusual phobias? Trains, definitely trains.

7. What item do you wish you could have saved from your childhood? All of my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys….apparently those are worth a lot of money right now.

8. If you could live in another country for 2 years where would you pick? France for sure. I have a weird connection with everything French.

9. A sound that you love? i love the sound of Spring Peepers

10. And finally, why should people visit your shop? I’m really in the beginning stages of building my shop, so right now it looks like I am a one trick pony. But I have big things coming over the next few weeks, months and even years. So visiting my shop will not only give you a view into what I love to do and a view of some really cute things you could own, but you will also see how my shop will continue to grow and evolve into something I am truly proud of!

Laci contributed 55 luggage tags & keychains for the November sampler boxes. If you have not purchase yours yet you can do so here.


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