10 Questions with… Anne from “Handmade by Anne Potter”

Handmade By Anne PotterEvery week we have a fun “10 questions” session with some of our contributors to the Indie Craft Sampler. Some serious, but mostly fun questions. Our first installment for the Winter (Dec/Jan) Sampler Contributors is with Anne from HandmadebyAnnePotter.

1.  You have been crafty all your life, how did you get interested in jewelry?

Like so many crafty people, I’ve been making things for as long I can remember. When I was about 8-years-old I was decorating my dollhouse for Christmas. I wanted my mom to take me to the hobby store to buy a bottle brush tree, but she wouldn’t and told me to “make do.” I made a Christmas tree out of wooden spool and scissor-fringed-green-crayoned typing paper glued to wire branches. I got into jewelry because it’s conducive with my short attention span: I can dream and create (and finish!) a piece before getting bored and moving on.

2. Where do you get ideas/inspiration from when coming up with new products for your shop?

Travel and fashion. I love the aesthetics of different cultures and styles. And I love people watching – it’s so interesting to see how people dress everyday to create their personal style.

3. You have 5 kids and manage your own business, what are some of your secrets for the rest of us?

Bedtime and a glass of wine. I can put a lot of energy into my kids because I know I’ll get to chill after they go to bed.   (And by “chill,” I mean “create new pieces for my shop.”) Having a deliberate time of peace and quiet balances out the harried schedule of raising kids. And then I’m happy to do it all again tomorrow. I also have a mindless knitting project in the car with me at all times. I spend so much time waiting in parking lots, or sitting on bleachers, that I can get a lot of work done with just stolen minutes here and there.

4. Weirdest thing that you own?

My mom bought me a pair of surgical artery clamps and I use them almost everyday. They’re basically a long pair of pliers that can lock tight.   I use them in sewing to turn tubes and feed elastic. And in crafting as an extra set of hands. I could probably make one of those ships in a bottle with these things!

5. Favorite TV show as a kid?

Total 80’s baby: I loved the Cosby Show (and the rest of the Thursday night line-up, too.)

6. Someday I want to ____:

Go on a creative retreat and learn something new. It could be weaving or stained glass or Nordic knitting, whatever! Just a time to submerge into a new discipline and learn from a master. And I’d choose one that’s set in some beautiful place, like on a Montana ranch, or a Tuscan winery. It sounds really decadent actually, but that’s OK by me.

7. Favorite place that you have traveled to/ Where is a place you want to go?

My favorite place so far has been Spain. I thought it was so beautiful and I just felt so at-home with their way of living. Up ahead, I need to go to India (and Greece and Morocco and Chile) and then retire to some island. Maybe Bali.

8. What is a talent you would love to have?

I would really love to be able to sing. And if I could, I would be a real show-off about it, too. Lots of solos in church and hogging the stage on Karaoke Night.

9. A song you love/ A song you can’t stand.

“Suspicious Minds” by Elvis – love it. And I can’t handle Adam Levine’s falsetto, so anything by Maroon 5 is out.

10. And finally, why should people visit your shop?

My jewelry is stylish, well-made and above all: wearable. I always design with an eye on trends, but I strive to create pieces that my customers want to wear again and again. I love how handmade jewelry is a small piece of art-to-wear, and my jewelry is for the woman with great style, everyday.Handmade By Anne Potter

 Anne contributed 30 pairs of lovely earrings for the Winter Sampler which will go on sale December 1st.  But for now if you have not already purchased a November sampler box click here and peruse Anne’s great shop!

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