10 Questions with… Sarah from Smart Sassy Crafts

sarah tron smart sassy craftsEvery week we have a fun “10 questions” session with some of our contributors to the Indie Craft Sampler. Some serious, but mostly fun questions. This week we are talking with one of our Winter contributors, Sarah from Smart Sassy Crafts.

1. Where do you get ideas/inspiration from when coming up with new products for your shop?
Everywhere! I love to look at things in stores and think about how I could make it better or cuter or more affordable.

I have a background in teaching and theatre so I love to make things that are creative and whimsical but nerdy and sort of educational at the same time.

Because of my background in theatre, my favorite words are, “I have an idea…” which usually leads to buying something that sits on the shelf for a while whilst I continue to ponder the idea. I also love going to the local hardware store and having them help me with new ideas.

2. Best advice another crafty/indie owner has given you? or something you’ve learned since opening a shop?
The best advice came from an older gentleman who watched me struggling to set up my outdoor canopy for the first time. He told me to buy things to make setting up as easy as possible so that I could get to the fun part of selling my crafts! I still seek him out at summer craft shows to chat with him.

3. Where in time would you go if you had a time machine?

Back to Fargo between 1970 and 1974, I’d like to meet my uncle Mike. He died in 1975 so I never knew him. And it would be awesome to see my family dressed in 70s attire!

 4. Favorite holiday memory?

I was an early riser as a kid, so being up around 6am wasn’t unusual. One Christmas morning I looked at the clock and I thought it said 5:50am (or so) (digital clock). So I woke my little sister up to see what Santa had brought for us. I don’t remember what he brought me, but she got a teddy bear (that she still has) and my parents got up and asked us why we were up so early. Turns out the clock said 2:50am! Whoops! A bit of excited-for-Christmas dyslexia on my part! I was maybe 9, my sister 4.

 5. You have been a sampler subscriber from the very beginning!!! What has been your absolute favorite item you’ve received?

My fave item came in the very first box; it was a simple black ring from Valley of the Mystics but it was packaged in a brown paper bag with a stamped crystal on it. Inside the bag with the ring was a trading card from the movie The Dark Crystal—one of my favorite movies! I think this is my favorite item because how fortuitously its arrival was timed. The day before I told a co-worker about the movie, and two days before that I had to explain to my mother (again) why I loved the movie so much.

I also really love my ninja on a string from Drift Prettie. He just looks so cute hanging in my cube at the office.

(Side note—I recently got to meet the creative geniuses behind Holey Socks and Pogtotes at a craft show in Minneapolis!! So exciting!)

Gromit the cat (named from Wallace & Gromit)

Gromit the cat (named from Wallace & Gromit)

 6. There has been so many movies/shows about Fargo & the eccentric type of person that lives there. Are the stereotypes really true?

Well…..I’d say we have just as many eccentrics per capita as anywhere else, but as far as the movie and TV show y’all might be disappointed. The movie Fargo wasn’t actually filmed here in fact only about 10 minutes were filmed in North Dakota at all. And all of the characters with the funny accents in the film are from Minnesota. I can say that I have met the actress that played the kidnapped wife in the movie, she really lives in Fargo.

Now as far as the stereotypes of it being an eternal winter here, that feels true in the winter! But we have lovely summers and autumns too! It can get really, really hot in North Dakota in the summer. I remember a summer day when it reached 112!

7. What is something you have that is of sentimental value?
I’m a bit of a hoarder, so I think everything has sentimental value!

8. What is on your Christmas wish list this year?
I’d love an astro-start for my car, but I doubt I’ll get it. Seems like something I’ll just have to buy for myself. I asked for long-sleeved shirts, too, because it’s cold in Fargo in the winter!

9. What childish things do you still do as adult?

I like to jump in puddles and step on the ice that is frozen over puddles. Cookies are my favorite food and I’d eat them all day if I could.

 10. And finally, why should people visit your shop?

My aunt once told me that my shop offered a “little bit of fun for not a lot of money” and I like that as my unofficial motto. I have products to cover a variety of price points, and I think that is important for not only me, but my customers too. Come to my shop for a bit of quirky whimsy, for not a lot of money!

Smart&Sassypinkpurnewglasses Sarah contributed 100 sets of holiday bottle cap magnets to the Winter samplers. To purchase one click here.


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