10 Questions with… Laura from Chameleon Eye Cosmetics

Chameleon Eye Cosmetics

Laura at work with all her jars of snakes

Due to the busy holiday season it’s been awhile since we had a “10 questions” session with a contributor. Thankfully we are back on our every Thursday schedule.  This week we are talking with one of our up-coming February contributors, Laura from Chameleon Eye Cosmetics.
1. Is there a story behind your name “Chameleon Eye Cosmetics”?

I am a Herpetologist by profession (meaning I study reptiles and amphibians), so I am a big reptile nerd! I also love the idea of playing with bright colored eye shadows (I’m not much of a neutral girl), so I put 2 and 2 together and thought what better reptile to “show off” my colors than a chameleon! 

2. Where do you get ideas/inspiration from when coming up with new products for your shop?

I am also a huge nerd at heart, so I am often inspired by my nerdy love (Star Wars, Doctor Who, Avengers, Disney Princesses, etc.) I’m inspired by what makes me happy!

3. Best advice another crafty/indie owner has given you? or something you’ve learned since opening a shop?

Best thing I’ve learned is customers LOVE a personalized touch! I put a thank you note in EVERY order, no matter how small. 

4. What’s the hardest part about being a shop owner?

The hardest part is finding ways to promote your products in a financially responsible way! I’m so glad I found the Indie Craft Sampler!!!

5. Did you make any resolutions for 2015?

I’m not one for resolutions, but I am going to run my first half marathon this year (on my 30th birthday to boot!)

6. Food that you can’t stand?

Celery… It destroys everything it touches… lol!

7. Put your music player on shuffle…what are the first 5 songs that play?


Laura and daughter Tempi

Stronger – Kelly Clarkson
Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling
An Unusual Prince/Once upon a Dream – Sleeping Beauty Soundtrack
The Frigate That Flies – Tinkerbell’s Pirate Fairy Soundtrack 
Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
(good thing I have similar taste in music as my 3 year old!)
8. What’s the worst haircut you’ve ever had?

I was diagnosed with cancer at 19, and after my chemotherapy I was growing my hair back out.  I had finally gotten my hair long enough to lay down and part. I told the lady to trim just the top and cut the bottom part short (trying to grow it all out together) and she chopped the top part SO short it started to stand straight up again… it’s the only time I almost cried from a hair cut.

9. If you could invite four famous people to dinner, who would you choose?
Bill Nye the Science guy 
Weird Al Yankovic 
Robert Downey Jr. 

Benedict Cumberbatch 

10. And finally, why should people visit your shop?

I would try and push the whole: “my eye shadows have great staying power, they are made in small batches with extra love, not tested on animals”; but now that you’ve read a little bit about me you are totally intrigued to check me out! 🙂

Laura contributed 75 sample packs which include 3 mini eye shadows in various shades in each! February samplers will be going on sale Monday January 26th here.

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