April Indie Craft Sampler Contributor Sneak Peek…Bel & Eve’s Herbs

One of our April Super Colossal Contributors BelandEvesHerbs contributed 100 vials of facial oil that is infused for 8 weeks with nettle, rose petals, and lavender flowers which are all nourishing and healing to the skin. After the oil has infused it is topped off with frankincense, lavender, and myrrh essential oils. Amanda says that after using this method to wash her face for 2 years she breaks out less, has soft supple skin, and the blemishes she does have heal much faster. (Sounds amazing right?!)

She also says it can be used multiple ways- Face oil, Moisturizer, Shaving oil, Body oil, or Makeup remover including eye makeup.

April samplers will be available for purchase starting tomorrow. However today, you can sign up for our sampler box email alert which is a once a month email to let you know first when the samplers are available to buy. Or to purchase a March sampler click hereBellaneEve300x250



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